ClO2 Approvals

Chlorine Dioxide had got approvals in many countries in different applications

Approval Time Country Approval Authority Range of Application
1992 WHO Drinking Water Disinfection
1987 Germany Drinking Water Disinfection
1985 America FDA Food Processing Equipment Disinfection
1987 America EPA Disinfection for Food Processing Factory, Beer Brewery, Restaurant, Hospital, etc
1989 America EPA Disinfection for Store Water and Animal Shelters
1988 Japan Ministry of Health Drinking water Disinfection
1987 Australia Ministry of Health Food Additives, Food Bleaching Agents
1987 China Ministry of Health Disinfection for Food Industry, Medical, Pharmacy, Livestock, Aquaculture, Public Environment, etc.
1996 China Ministry of Health Food Additives for Aquatic and Fresh Products
2002 America FDA Disinfection for Food Processing Equipment, Pipes, Milk Processing Plants
2005 China Ministry of Health Drinking Water Disinfection
Its safety is regarded as A1 level by the world health organization(WHO) and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

EPA APPENDIX FOR Chlorine Dioxide

Use Site Method ofApplication Application Rate Use Limitations
Agricultural StorageFacilities (Containers, Trailers, Rail Cars, Vessels) FoamingWand One quart to system that delivers 4-6 gallons per minute of dilution water 10 minutes contact time Preclean with water to remove debris anddirt.
Mushroom Facilities:(food Contact) Stainless Steel Tanks, Transfer Lines, On-line Equipment, Picking Baskets Flush equipment with sanitizing solution Use-solution calls for100-200 ppm total
available chlorine
Clean equipment and surfaces thoroughlyusing a suitable detergent and rinse with water before sanitizing.
Disinfection of AnimalConfinement Facilities
(Poultry Houses, Swine Pens, Calf Barns and Kennels)
Use Commercial sprayer to saturate all surfaces Working Solution containing 300 to 500Ppm available Chlorine  Dioxide Remove all animals and feed from premises. Remove all litter and manure from premises of facilities. Empty all troughs , racks and other feeding equipment/watering appliances.Thoroughly clean all surfaces with soap and detergent and rinse with water.
Poultry House Disinfection: Poultry Chiller Water/Carcass spray Dip Carcass 0.5 to 3 ppm for Chiller Water 70 ppm for Carcass Spray None stated
Poultry Drinking Water Add to water 5ppm for fouled water 0.5 to 1.0ppm for control None stated
Chick Room, Chick Grading Box an Sexingroom Fogger, Mop 1,000 ppm w/ fogger390 ppm to mop floors None stated
Rention Basins and Ponds Add to Basin 4-9 fl oz. per 100 gallons/ 2 to 5 ppm Do not use where fish are present
Decorative Pools,Fountains and Water Displays Add to Pools 9-18 fl oz per 100 gallons/ 5 to 10 ppm Do not use where fish are present.
Food Processing Plants (Poultry, Meat, Fish) Food Contact Surface Sanitizer 1 minutecontact time  Chlorine Dioxide 50 ppm-100 ppm Preclean and rinse equipment. Do notreuse solution. Do not rinse treated
Process Water for Vegetable Rinses, Tanks Lines Chemical Feed Pump or injector system 5 ppm Preclean all tanks, flumes and lines withsuitable detergent.
Potable Drinking Water Metering Pump 1 mg/ liter (1ppm) or less 1 gallon per 100,000 gallons of treated water 1 mg/ liter (1ppm) or less 1 gallon per 100,000 gallons of treated water None Stated
Municipal Well Waters None stated 1 ppm None Stated
Hospitals,laboratories and Institutions Hard Non Porous surfaces (Tile Floors, Walls and Ceilings and Stainless Steel Cold Rooms) Spray, Mop orsponge Working Solutioncontaining 300 to 500 ppm available Chlorine Dioxide Clean all surfaces with a suitable detergent and rinse with water prior to disinfection.
To Deodorize Animal Holding Rooms, Sick Rooms, Morgues and Work rooms Spray solution on to walls ceilings and floors Working Solution containing 1,000 ppm available chlorine dioxide Rooms to deodorize should be ina clean condition prior to autoclaving.
Swimming Pools Meetering Pump 1 to 5ppm None Stated
Recirculating CoolingWater systems 5-20ppm   None Stated