Comparison with Other Disinfectants

Comparison of CLO₂ and other commonly used disinfectants


Chlorine Dioxide

Chlorine Preparation

Quaternary Ammonium Salt

Peroxyacetic Acid

Bactericidal Power kill all microorganism including bacterial spore can kill all the multiplication of bacteria , and can kill spore when high density can kill most ofthe vegetative forms of bacteria, invalid to spore and bacteriophage can kill all microorganism including spore
Common-used Concentration 0.5-200ppm 250-1500ppm 1000-5000ppm 2000-20000ppm
Toxicity non-toxic moderately toxic low toxicity low toxicity
PH Influence small big, invalid  if > 8.5 small big
Skin Stimulation no yes no yes
Residue no yes yes yes
Cost  little bit low low expensive little bit high
Drug Resistance no yes yes no
Influence by Temperature below 50℃ below 50℃ small big
Three Pathogenic Substances Effect no yes no yes
Interference by Organics small big small big
Odor small clo₂ odor strong chlorine odor no strong acetic acid smelling
Stability stable unstable, easily resolved stable unstable, flammable and combustible