Langfang Yuanmao Trading Co., Ltd., as exporter with our own factory, knows and can satisfy customs’ needs well. We have exported to many counties and districts during last 8 years: America, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, Australia, South Korea, Thailand, Philippines, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Jordan, Lebanon, Singapore, Pakistan and South Africa etc. Based on good quality control, responsible pre-sale and post-sale service and reasonable price we are winning more and more customers from domestic and overseas market.
Langfang Yuanmao can always make customized chlorine dioxide product to satisfy our partner’s needs. 5gram tablet is produced under this background.

5gram ClO2 Tablet


Customized Individual Package


Customized Individual Package


Customized Individual Package


Specification for 5gram tablets:
Size: diameter 20mm
Weight: 5g ± 0.2g
ClO2 Generating Rate: 10% (1 piece of 5gram tablet in 1L water is 500ppm)
Usage & Dosage for 5gram tablet
1. Surface & Air Disinfection: put 5g tablets into 5L water and get ClO2 solution within 5 minutes; spray the solution into air or use the solution to mop surface for disinfection.
2. Drinking Water Disinfection: 1 piece of 5g tablet can treat 250L-500L water.
3. Fruits & Vegetables Disinfection: 1 piece of 5g tablet for 3L water, then soak fruits and vegetables for 10-15 minutes for disinfection.
4. Tableware: 1 piece of 5g tablets for 3L water, then soak tableware for 10-15 minutes.
5. Hospital Sewage:1 piece of 5g tablet for 10L hospital sewage.
6. Swimming Pool Water: 1 piece of 5g tablet for 500L swimming pool water.
7. Poultry & Live stock Drinking Water: 1 piece of 5g tablet for 250L poultry drinking water.

1. This product is hygroscopic, it will deliquesce and lose efficacy when exposed to air. It should be finished at a time when package is open.
2. Slowly add tablets to water (DO NOT ADD WATER INTO POWDER/TABLET).
3. Do not store or transport the products when there are packaging damages; and do not store or transport the products together with acid content; avoid damp.
4. Store the products in cool and dry places, seal and keep it away from sunlight.
5. Place the products out the reach of children
6. Do not scatter the chlorine dioxide directly to soil, or it will reducing disinfection effect.

Post time: Jun-18-2022