Our Factory entered CHINA AIR PURIFICATION INSUSTRY ALLIANCE and work as an important member unit since March 2021


CHINA AIR PURIFICATION INSUSTRY ALLIANCE (CAPIA) is a non-profit social organization voluntarily formed by enterprises and institutions actively engaged in the research, development, manufacturing, sales and service of the purification industry to achieve fair competition for enterprises and healthy development of the industry. The purpose of the alliance is market demand-oriented, enterprises as the main body, and the principle of equality and mutual benefit, complementary advantages, and win-win cooperation to realize the effective integration of enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions at the strategic level, and jointly form the core competitiveness of industrial technology; fully Give full play to the role of the alliance as a bridge and link, protect the rights and interests of the member units of the alliance, promote their own development, and then promote the healthy development of China’s air purification industry.

As member of the CAPIA and manufacture of chlorine dioxide products, we can have better communications and do researches with other members. This greatly improve the production technology and product quality control in this industry. With deep communications and experience exchanges, we also learned a lot from our partners. Now we are researching on enriching our product lines. We will introduce more and more air purification&disinfection products in future.

In nowadays COVID-19 pandemic situation, air purification and disinfection is becoming a more and more important topic and practice. Chlorine Dioxide, proved as an effective disinfectant against Corona Virus, is playing an important role in epidemic prevention. It can be used as both surface and air disinfectant. Family disinfection and public disinfection choose chlorine dioxide for daily disinfection and prevention.

There ar many advantages of using chlorine dioxide as disinfectants:
1. Easy to use: 1 tablet = 500ml disinfection solution
2. Eco-friendly
3. 99.995 kill bacteria and virus
4. Non-alcohol
5. Non-toxic

Wide Application: suitable for homes and all public areas-hospitals, schools, stations, schools, hotels, factories, shops and offices etc.


Post time: Jul-22-2022