Potassium Hydrogen Persulfate Disinfectant Powder /KHSO5

Potassium Hydrogen Persulfate Disinfectant Powder /KHSO5

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Product Name: Potassium Hydrogen Persulfate Disinfectant Powder

Main Ingredient: potassium hydrogen persulfate compounds salt.

Content: 45%-55%

Specification: 500gram/drum, 1kg/drum

Brief Introduction: This product is a new type of disinfectant with potassium bisulfate compound salt as the main component and sodium chloride as the synergist.The content of potassium bisulfate compound salt is 45%-55%, the reactive oxygen content is more than 2, which is equivalent to the effective chlorine content is more than 10%, and the sodium chloride content is 1.5-2.5%. This product can kill common bacteria such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus.

Function: Disinfection, deodorization and bleaching.

Application Areas: fruits & vegetables, swimming pools, air & surface disinfection, hospital waste water, food processing tools and equipment disinfection.

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Usage & Dosage

Disinfection Objects Dosage(mg/L) Disinfection Time Usage
Air & Surfaces 30 15minutes Wipe, soak, spray
Hospital Waste Water 3 30 minutes Add to waste water

For daily disinfection: put 1g powder into 500ml water and we can get disinfection solution.
For drinking water disinfection: 1g powder for 250L-500L water; Water can be drink after 30 minutes.


1. This Disinfectant powder is for external use only, not for internal use; Keep out of reach of children.
2. It has bleaching and fading effect on colored fabrics and corrosion effect on metals. Use it on metal and colored fabrics with caution.
3. Prepare and use the disinfection solution timely.
4. This product has irritating and corrosive effect. Wear full masks and gloves when prepare solution. Avoid contact with skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with clean water and consult a doctor.
5. Don’t use this product with other disinfectants, reducing substances, alkali or organic compounds.
6. Slight package expansion won’t affect product quality.
7. Stored under cool, dry, ventilated place; keep away from inflammable things.

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