What is ClO2

What is Chlorine Dioxide?

What is chlorine dioxide?
Chlorine dioxide is an oxidizing yellowish-green gas above 11℃. It has high water solubility.- approximately 10 times more soluble in water than chlorine. ClO2 does not hydrolyze when it enters water. It remains a dissolved gas in solution.


How dose ClO2 kill virus, bacteria and spores?
ClO2 kills micro-organisms (bacteria, viruses and spores) by attacking and penetrating their cell wall. It’s strong oxidizing ability can disrupt the transport of nutrients across the cell wall and inhibiting protein synthesis. Since this action occurs regardless of the metabolic state of the organism, ClO2 is very effective against dormant organisms and spores (Giardia Cysts and Poliovirus). It is widely used for bleaching, water treatment, microbiological control and disinfection.

WHO & FAO Recommend ClO2 as 4th generation safe and green disinfectant to the world
ClO2 solution won’t cause influence to human body under 500ppm. Common dosage is much lower as ClO2 has high effectiveness. For example 1-2ppm can kill 99.99% virus and bacterial in drinking water. ClO2 won’t generate CHCl3 in disinfection process. So it is globally recommended as the the fourth generation disinfectant after calcium hypochlorite, NaDCC and TCCA.

Advantages of using ClO2
1. Safe & non- toxic, no harm to environment: there is no three-pathogenic substances effect(Carcinogenic, teratogenic, mutagenic),at the same time it won’t react with organics to lead to the chlorination reaction during disinfectant process.
2. High Efficiency in killing all kinds of bacteria and virus : only under 0.1ppm density, it can kill all of the multiplication of bacteria and lots of pathogenic bacteria.
3. Low influence by temperature and ammonia: fungicidal effectiveness is basically the same whether it is under low temperature or high temperature.
4. Remove the organic micro organisms.
5. Wide range of PH application: it remains very high fungicidal effectiveness within pH2—10 range.
6. No stimulation to human body: the influence can be neglected when the density is below 500ppm, there isn’t any influence to human body when the density is below 100pm.

How to store ClO2 Products?
1. This product is hygroscopic, it will deliquesce and lose efficacy when exposed to air. It should be finished at a time when package is open.
2. Do not store or transport the products when there are packaging damages.
3. Do not store or transport the products together with acid content; avoid damp.
4. Store the products in cool and dry places, seal and avoid direct sunlight.
5. Keep out of reach of the children.