Chlorine Dioxide has been recommended to the world as class AI disinfectant by WHO. ClO2 is a safe and high-efficiency disinfectant for greenhouse and cropland. It can be used in soil sterilization and soil PH adjusting, rapidly killing various pathogenic bacterium and various virus in soil. It can improve the utilization rate of fertilizer and degrade toxic matter at the same time. Solution ClO2 is injected into irrigation line for greenhouse and cropland soil disinfection. This can effectively prevent plant disease like bacterial wilt and root rot and so on with no harm to the crop.

Applications of ClO2 for Agriculture

  • For elimination of biofilm from irrigation lines and holding tanks
  • For elimination of drip emitter clogging
  • For treating irrigation water for diseases control.
  • Reduce algae

YEARUP ClO2 Product For Agriculture Sterilization

YEARUP ClO2 Powder is suitable for agriculture disinfection

ClO2 Powder, 500gram/bag, 1kg/bag , (Customized Package is available)



<Soil Sterilization>
Soil disinfection should combine with closed greenhouse at high temperature during June to August.
1. Flood irrigation: 6kg ClO2 powder in 30 tons water for 1000m2 , keep ClO2 concentration as 20ppm in irrigation water.
2. Pour to the land: 6kg ClO2 powder in 3 tons water for 1000m2, use 150-200ppm ClO2 solution to pour on the land evenly. Let the solution infiltrates into the soil for 6-10cm.
3. Spraying by sprayer: 6kg ClO2 powder in 3 tons water for 1000m2, spray 150-200 ppm ClO2 solution land evenly. It's better to spray till the solution infiltrates into the soil for 6-10cm.

<Crop Disease Prevention>
Mother Liquid Preparation: Add 500g powder to 50kg water (DO NOT ADD WATER TO POWDER/), stir for 5 to 10 minutes to completely dissolve. This solution is 1000mg/L The mother liquid can be diluted and applied according to the following standards:

Disinfection Object



Soaking of Seeds


Soak the seeds with diluted solution for 5 to 10 minutes. The actual application should be according to seeds’ tolerance to ClO2

Spray the Crop


Spray the diluted solution directly to the crop foliage