Chlorine dioxide’s broad spectrum capabilities enable it to be used in tank water disinfection.

Why tank water needs disinfection?
Regular water tank treatment is necessary to keep tank water safe for consumption.
Although the water from water supply plant meets the national standard, harmful organic materials such as biofilm, bacteria, fungi and viruses start building up in water tanks over time. Secondary water supply facilities enable the water stay longer time in pipelines and tanks, especially in the water tanks on the roof of some buildings, and they bring in new sources of contamination.This organic material can negatively affect the odour and taste of water and can be harmful to your health. The build-up of biofilm in pipes can also cause problems in the flow-rate and longevity of your system.
ClO2 tablet is the most easy form to use; And it is effective product to maintain water tanks and ensure the water safe for you to drink and use.


YEARUP ClO2 tablets for water tanks of different tank volume:

Why choose chlorine dioxide, not other disinfectants like chlorine or chlorinated products?

1.ClO2 is clearly superior to chlorine in the destruction of spores, bacteria's, viruses and other pathogen organisms on an equal residual base. Its killing rate is much higher.
2.ClO2 has better solubility and required contact time for ClO2 is lower.
3.ClO2 dosage is much lower than other disinfectants.
Chlorine dioxide is the most selective oxidant among oxidizing disinfectants. Both ozone and chlorine are much more reactive than ClO2, and they will be consumed by most organic compounds. ClO2 however, reacts only with reduced sulphur compounds, secondary and tertiary amines, and some other highly reduced and reactive organics. This allows much lower dosages of chlorine dioxide to achieve a more stable residual than either chlorine or ozone.
4.ClO2 keeps effective in ride PH. The bactericidal efficiency is relatively unaffected by pH values between 4 and 10.
5.ClO2 is safe disinfectant for drinking water and it is environmentally friendly; It destroys THM precursors and increases coagulation. So it will not produce THMs or other byproducts like chlorine.
6.ClO2 destroys phenols and has no distinct smell;
ClO2 is better at removing iron and magnesia compounds than chlorine, especially complex bounds.