Oxygen Releasing Tablet- Sodium Percarbonate-Na2CO3

Oxygen Releasing Tablet- Sodium Percarbonate-Na2CO3

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Product Name: Oxygen Tablet Sodium Percarbonate-Na2CO3

Main Components: Sodium Percarbonate, Sodium Sulfate

Application: To generate Oxygen in Ponds

Oxygen Generating Rate: 10%

Usage: Put tablet into water, it will generate oxygen in water

Specification: 15g/tablet, 200g/tablet

Appearance: White tablet

Brief Introduction:

This product has high oxygen content and long oxygen release time to ensure full and effective oxygen increase efficiency. At the same time, a large number of tiny oxygen bubbles are generated in the water body during the ascent process, which can be very effectively dissolved in the water body, oxygenating the bottom and middle and lower water bodies, truly achieving the special effect of “three-dimensional oxygenation” and promoting the decomposition and transformation of organic matter.

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1. This product releases a large amount of oxygen in contact with water to increase the dissolved oxygen in the water body.
2. Effectively degrade harmful substances such as ammonia nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrite, and control bottom deterioration.


Splash the tablets into pond water directly, 150g-300g per hectare(depth 1m)


200gram Tablets



1. Disinfecting Effects
2. Generate oxygen during degradation
3. Eco-friendly
Sodium percarbonate is non-toxic, environmentally safe, biodegradable, and leaves no harmful by-products or residues which can harm the environment. It is also non-toxic to animals, plants and humans.
4. Chlorine-Free
Sodium Percarbonate is not a chlorine bleach, instead, it is an environmentally friendly version, known as an oxygen bleach, that is safe on colours, whiten whites, and as an added bonus, does not weaken fabrics like traditional bleach.

Sodium Percarbonate(SPC) can be used to improve water quality by the indirect addition of oxygen and associated elimination of bacteria. As a side effect, it purifies the bottom in concrete raceways in hatcheries, and cleans up the sediment in earthen ponds when SPC reacts with the organic matter.
Water treatment options for organic aquaculture are restricted, compared to those available to conventional fish farming; only easily degradable disinfectants are allowed. One of the permissible water disinfectants that can be used in both conventional and organic aquaculture production systems is sodium percarbonate (SPC). SPC is a dry, granulated form of hydrogen peroxide (H202), being a crystalline adduct of H2O2 with sodium carbonate
The advantage of applying SPC over other H2O2 products is that it is safe and easy to handle. Being a granulated tablet, it can be evenly distributed in a pond.

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