ClO2 Sachet for Air Disinfection

ClO2 Sachet for Air Disinfection


ClO2 Sachet can release ClO2 Gas into surrounding air. ClO2 Gas kills bacterial and viruses which causes fever, flu or other infections. ClO2 Sachet creates a circle of protection around the person wearing it. It is human friendly and portable in using, widely used in current COVID-19 epidemic.

Chlorine dioxide sachet also have the function of odor removal. It When exposed to moisture in the air, the sachets produce chlorine dioxide gas to destroy unpleasant and unwanted odors at their source.

Types: there are two types of chlorine dioxide sachets:

  • Slow release ClO2 powder—ClO2 Card
  • Absorbent ClO2 Granules—ClO2 Granule Pouch
  • Specification: 5g/sachet, 10g/sachet, 20g/sachet.

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Two types of ClO2 Sachets

Type 1: ClO2 Card: 30 Days x 24 Hours Protection
This kit includes following parts inside:

  • Package Bag
  • ClO2 Sachet
  • Clip
  • String around neck

First open the bag and take out all parts
Way 1: Hang the card to long string and wear it on neck;
Way 2: Clip the sachet to your collar or pocket.


Type 2: ClO2 Granule Pouch: 90 Days x 24 Hours Protection
Absorption-release technology of molecular sieve is used in this product. The active substance ClO2 Gas was absorbed in molecular sieve. When opened the package, granules touch air, ClO2 gas continuously releases from the carrier into space. ClO2 Gas has the function of disinfecting, sterilization, removing odor, and fresh-keeping.
Releasing time: 90-180days
Usage: take out the inner bag for air disinfection



►Hang close to vent of air conditioner, purifying air in the room;
►Put in wardrobe, removing formaldehyde, disinfecting and anti-mold;
►In reservoirs for vegetable or fruits, disinfecting and fresh-keeping;
►In restroom or other small space, purifying air, reduce possibility of occur of disease;
►In vehicle, purifying air.

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